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The CTETE began following the need to promote Industrial Arts Education. It began as the American Council on Industrial Arts Teacher Education (ACIATE) and was organized at the May 1950 AIAA Conference. Following the 1951 Conference, the tradition of the Yearbook series began and continues on to this day.

The first of two name changes occurred in 1986 to the Council of Technology Teacher Education (CTTE) following the councils parent organization AIAA name change to

ITEA and became a Council member of the ITEA.

The goals have essentially remained the same throughout history

and include, but are not limited to, support and further the professional ideas

of teacher education, define and strive to achieve the purposes

and professional goals of teacher education, as well as stimulate research and dissemination information of professional interest

Within CTTE there are Five elected officers, including President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,and Past President. The President becomes the Past President

and each officer has assigned duties and committees through his elected 3 year term.

An important function of the CTTE is to provide access to publications that stimulate the professional development of technology teacher educators. Most notable among these is the CTTE Yearbook series, published annually since 1952. Additionally, CTTE members publish the Journal of Technology Education, the premiere juried publication for the technology education profession.

This site serves as a repository for a growing number of other professional publications of interest to technology teacher educators. Please send Michael Grubbs at grubbs@vt.edu any resources or initiatives that you may find relevant.

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