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The Council on Technology & Engineering Teacher Education (CTETE) is an international professional organization focusing on the needs of Engineering and Technology Teacher Education. CTETE is an affiliate organization of the International Technology & Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA).

Founded in 1950, the CTETE strives to (a) provide leadership opportunities for its members. (b) stimulate research and scholarship related to the technology education profession, and (c) support and further the professional ideals of technology teacher education. Officers serve three year, non-renewable terms while committee chairs and other assignments are unlimited.

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Council on Technology & Engineering Teacher Education

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CTETE members hold their annual meetings in conjunction with the ITEEA annual conferences. Executive sessions and the general business meeting are regularly scheduled conference events. The CTETE offers its own set of peer-reviewed conference sessions targeted toward technology teacher educators, including a research poster session and special interest sessions. In addition, the CTETE co-sponsors, with the Council for Supervisors, the annual Yearbook Dinner, at which the yearbook is introduced and the Technology Teacher Educator of the Year award is announced.

Click on the link for a full conference agenda, the request for conference presentation proposals, and information about the ITEEA conference.

An important function of the CTETE is to provide access to publications that stimulate the professional development of technology teacher educators. Most notable among these is the CTETE Yearbook series, published annually since 1952. Additionally, CTETE members publish the Journal of Technology Education, the premiere juried publication for the technology education profession.

This site serves as a repository for a growing number of other professional publications of interest to technology teacher educators. Browse the menu to the left to view the resources available.

The Council's many committees align with the strategic plan of the organization. Contact information and CommitteTasks are linked below which outlines the members and on-going work of each group.

In an effort to promote and recognize excellence in technology teacher education, the CTETE sponsors four awards programs: the Technology Teacher Educator of the Year award, the Outstanding Program Award, the Outstanding Research Award, and the Silvius-Wolansky Award. These award programs are open to all CTETE members.

Calls for nominations for these awards are sent out via the CTETE Listserv.

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